Trail Roundup March 23.13

This weekend was kicked off by the first ever trail race in the Coast Mountain Trail Series. The inaugural Cap Crusher trail races, which are composed of 8 km and 13 km distances. The races gave participants all they could handle and then some. Billed as “the hardest 8km in the country”, its hard to think that some people felt that 8km wasn’t enough! It was very exciting to hear all the positive feedback around the new series and the races did not disappoint. The 8km race was won by Karl Woll in a time of 40 min. Female champion Chesa Absit-Moois took second overall, with a stellar time of 44 min. Both showed great speed and determination over a very challenging course. Well done to all that took on the Cap Crusher 8 km.

Cap Crusher Trail Race

For those that thought that 8km was not enough, the race directors added a 13km race into the mix and the race was jammed at the front of the pack.

On the mens side, Mike Murphy edged out 2nd & 3rd place finishers Adam Campbell and Jonathan Heinz in a time of 59 min. Murphy took the win while leading for most of the race. To give you an idea of how close it was, Murphy beat third place by only two minutes!

Not to be outdone, the women’s race featured an even closer finish at the end with Meredith Cole edging out Darnelle Moore and Chole Gendron for the win. Moore and Gendron appear to have tied for second place only 1 minute back from Cole. I was told this was a very finish to witness. Well done ladies!

Race Directors Gary Robbins and Geoff Langford should be very proud of this first race in the series. Trail Running Canada managed to get a hold of Gary Robbins and this is what he had to say about the event:2013-CMTS-Cap-Crusher-TR-2

“Geoff Langford and I hosted the very first race in The Coast Mountain Trail Series on Saturday March 23rd and given our rather late launch we could not have been more impressed with our turnout. We certainly benefited from a beautiful spring day and runner feedback has been resoundingly positive. Comments have ranged from ‘a new local classic’ to ‘I just can’t put my finger on it but the vibe was amazing’. What more can a RD [race director] ask for than that!? Personally, the highlight of the day for me was seeing a 71 year old grandmother cross the finish line with her two grand daughters in tow, oh yeah, and it was her first ever trail race!”

Congratulations Gary and Geoff for a job well done! The next race in the series is the Survival of the Fittest on April 13, 2013. A 13K loop packs in plenty of highlights, elevation and classic Squamish trails. To register for the event please follow this LINK.

Held on Sunday March 24th, the sold out, The North Face Dirty Feet Trail went off with much fanfare and excitement. The first installment of the popular race series held in beautiful Kamloops, BC and numerous race distances to choose from, everyone was sure to have a chance to hit the trails and enjoy a solid challenge.

In the 5km race the male champion, Jon Shepard took the win in a time of 22:11. Female champion Kathleen Wright scorched the course putting up a blistering 22:00. In the 10km race Andrew Savage took the win in a time of 41:10 and Karla Stevens held off a strong effort from Elise Desjardine to take the win for the females in a time of 53:17. The 21km race was easily won by both Aaron Heidt and Stacey Cleveland (our The North Face Trail Ambassador for BC) both winning their races by over 10 minutes. Excellent early season form for these two tough racers. To find out more about the The North Face Dirty Feet 2013 Trail Running & Ultra Series
please follow this LINK.

Congratulations to all that raced this weekend!

~Keith Iskiw is a trail and ultra runner from Kingston, Ontario. Find his blog at

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