Gear Review: The North Face Better than Naked Jacket, Short-Sleeve and Singlet

Better Than Naked

First of all, I need to explain the photo of our Canadian World Mountain Running Team on top of a mountain in Poland. I hoped this picture would never see the light of day but alas here it is. For the record I did have shorts on, my engine just runs a little hot in general.

But when I do wear clothes, the “Better Than Naked” line part of the The North Face Flight Series keeps me cool and dry on those hot days and comfortably warm on some really cold days.

The Better Than Naked Jacket

Better than Naked Jacket

Better than Naked Jacket

My first impression: “what is this material?! Helium-infused-water-resistant-silk-paper?!”

This jacket is light! Whether you have it on or its packed away you’ll barely notice it’s there making it ideal for safety in the mountain trails or a perfect race kit addition taking minimal room (I packed this 125km around the Canadian Death Race). The blaze orange is stylish and safe, from urban runs to remote, you won’t be missed. I found it a perfect fit– close to the body but in no way constricting.

Climate: I personally tested this jacket in conditions from a -28C blizzard to +10C and light rain. During the cold days the jacket with a single long sleeve shirt underneath was more than enough to keep me warm. The jacket features breathable holes in the middle of the back that work together with The Better Than Naked shirt or singlet to breath and not build up moisture.

Feature: One chest pocket with headphone hole is great for tucking away those annoying cables.

The Better Than Naked Short-Sleeve and Singlet


The North Face Singlet

Some of the best advice I’ve heard is to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Well, why not dress for the speed you want! These tops look fast with their mullet style- business in the front, smart solid colors, and party in the back with speed stripes intimidating anyone you fly by.

Highlight: These shirts have ultra-endurance to match its wearer! I wore the short sleeve for the first 12 hours of the Death Race and switched into the fresh singlet, more as a mental boost, to finish off the final leg.

Both shirts are designed to work with the jacket for complete moisture and temperature control.


~Calum Neff is a member of Canada’s national mountain running team and The North Face Trail Ambassador for Alberta. 

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