Catching up with…Adam Campbell

With the first day of spring upon us, TrailRunning Canada found out what elite endurance athlete Adam Campbell has been up to this long winter season.

TRC: So what have you been up to this winter?

AC: I’ve been settling into a new routine and learning to embrace winter again. I’ve gone back to working full-time as general counsel at an environmental engineering firm; I also manage the regulatory team there. Since Calgary’s had one of its worst winters in recent memory and I’ve been spoiled by west coast winters for a long time, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to avoid getting frostbite, while exploring the local mountains every chance I get. I believe that the Rockies are the most amazing and stunning mountain playground.

I haven’t had as many opportunities to do ski mountaineering objectives like I’d hoped because the avalanche conditions have been very high around these parts. I did do my first ever ski mountaineering race and am doing my second one, the Canadian Championships at KickingHorseMountain. It’s a sport I love more every year.

TRC: How has your training gone thus far?

AC: Training has gone quite well. I’ve had to get a bit creative with it at times because Calgary is quite a bit flatter than Vancouver. I can get much more specific with my training on the weekends, when I escape to the mountains, but during the week I’ve found myself running on indoor track, on a treadmill at max incline, doing some strength training and lots and lots of slogging through snow. Overall I feel like I’m in a good place for this time of year.

TRC: What are your goal races this year?

AC: My main race goals for the year are the Hardrock 100 miler. It was a real treat to be selected to race it this year. It has without a doubt the best field ever assembled there and by all accounts, it’s one of the most beautiful and challenging mountain runs in the world. I’m giving that race a lot of respect. Gary Robbins and Aaron Heidt have agreed to crew for me, so we’ll have a great Canuck presence down there.

Another race I’m doing is the Rut 50k- It’s the Skyrunner Ultra World Series finale, so it will draw an amazing international field.

I’ll be doing other events including the Squamish 50 and lots of the 5 Peaks events. I also have my eye on a few big FKT attempts in the Rockies.

TRC: What has been the biggest impact to your running since moving east to Calgary?

AC: It’s more that I’m back to working full-time. I’ve had to become a bit more disciplined with my training. I’m training much earlier in the morning and late at night than I’m used to. Also, as I said above, due to a rather harsh winter and slightly different topography, I’ve had to get more creative with my sessions. It’s actually been fun. Being so close to the Rockies has also been a treat.

TRC: What are you most looking forward to this year?

Beyond Hardrock, I can’t wait for summer to explore deeper into the local terrain.

Thanks Adam and good luck this year!

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