Catching up with…Mel Bos

TrailRunning Canada caught up with elite Canadian trail and ultra runner Melanie Bos. Read our interview below as we catch up with one of Canada’s best ultra runners.

TRC: What have you been up to this winter?

MB: This winter I spent training for HURT 100 in Hawaii.  It made for some long cold runs.  Unfortunately, the race did not go as planned and I dropped about half way.  I’ve come to realize that these things happen in ultras and you just need to accept and move on if you want to continue to enjoy the sport.  After returning home, I got out for some skiing with my family and took a bit of down time.

TRC: How has your training gone to this point?

MB: Since starting up again this spring things have gone well. I just raced Chuckanut and was happy with my results.  I’ve taken it a bit easy since the race to allow a bit extra recovery time.  I’m feeling optimistic about this year.

TRC: Seems like there are more and more races to choose from in Canada. What’s your take on the growth?

MB: I think it’s great to have more options in the sport.  When I did my first 50k, the Keremeos Cruncher, it was the only trail race in the Okanagan.  That race doesn’t exist anymore, but there are several others with shorter, less intimidating distances as well.  My life gets really busy too with kids activities and family commitments, so more options work for me!!

TRC: How does it feel to be such role model not just for women but young people in general getting into the sport?

MB: Wow, I have to say I’m flattered to be asked that question! I am so grateful to have the opportunities ultra running has brought to my life.  Being able to run and feel free on the trails is a gift and I love hearing that my enthusiasm and dedication to the sport inspire others to take on challenges or step out their comfort zones.  It actually provides more motivation and confirmation for me and what I do.

TRC: What are you most looking forward to this season?

MB: I have a few races lined up for this year and I’m considering one more attempt at World 100km, if it’s on…But this year I’ve planned a couple long training runs on trails I’ve been wanting to explore for sometime with some dear friends.  There is a trail that runs from Vernon to Kelowna, the High Rim, which will be amazing and a few runs on the Sunshine Coast.   

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