Shoe Review: Montrail FluidFlex 2

If you’re a minimal shoe fan, I recently checked out the Montrail FluidFlex 2, and if you’re a numbers person here are the numbers.

  • 4mm offset
  • 15mm heel
  • 11mm forefoot
  • 6.9oz or 196g

Montrail FluidFlex 2

While I can’t do all my running in minimal shoes, I really like them and keep a pair handy for shorter runs throughout the week.

I found this shoe great for dirt packed trails, rail trail and any trail that is somewhat groomed, I even did some snowy spring running in this shoe. It does have a fairly aggressive tread of grippy looking mirco-lugs and did still maintain a “close to the ground” feel as advertised. The unique looking sole of this shoe is the midsole of Compression-molded Fluidfoam & outsole of Gryptonite, I pick these shoes when I plan a road to trail run as I personally found they had a little more cushion than other minimal shoes I’ve tried. The shoe is super breathable, flexible, and light at 6.9oz or 196g.

Montrail FluidFlex 2

Montrail FluidFlex 2

Something I particularly liked was the inner heel has molded padding that prevents your foot from slipping. The shoe fits average meaning not narrow or wide and there is plenty of toe room.

As with many minimal shoes, I question the durability. I have yet to find a minimal shoe that holds up as long as shoes not considered minimal. However this shoe is holding up the best so far and I’m still getting kms out of them. There’s not much of a toe guard and it would be nice to see the women’s version of this shoe offered in another colour other than mostly black. I didn’t find this shoe great for muddy, or extremely soft trails, but they do dry fast after running through puddles and streams.

Overall, I really like this shoe and have switched making this my new minimal shoe and I’m looking forward to seeing what Montrail does with the FluidFlex going forward.

~Kelly Wald is an ultra runner in Barrie, Ontario. 

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