Mountain Hardwear Ratio 15 Sleeping Bag

This summer I spent many chilly nights in the mountains keeping warm and dry in the Ratio 15 sleeping bag. I’m a fan of running multi-day races, and last year I spent too many sleepless nights frozen because I didn’t put enough thought into the right sleeping bag. I learned my lesson and did my research this year before heading out to another race.

When doing my research I was focused on the moisture plus cold temperatures combined that creeps in when you’re sleeping close to the ground. Also given that I needed to fit everything I needed for 12 days into one bag, I was looking for a sleeping bag that promised to keep in the heat and keep out the cold and moisture, this way I wouldn’t need to bother with any other gear essentials for sleeping. The Ratio 15 did keep its promise, it was rainy and frosty overnight at elevation and when morning came I was reluctant to leave my cozy mummy style bag.

The zippers were air tight and I slept comfortably in minimal layers and socks. Because of the mummy style hood on the bag I also ended up not needing to wear a hat. I’m 5’8 and used the regular sized bag and found there was plenty of room to still move around while also snug enough to create a cocoon. But you have to be fan of mummy style sleeping bags to enjoy this one!

Mountain Hardwear Ratio 15

For those ready to step up to down. The innovative ThermoTrap baffle construction of this 15° F/-9° C rated bag delivers three-season warmth for backpackers and campers.

Additional Features:

Q.Shield™ DOWN 650-fill has an advanced treatment applied that resists heat robbing moisture and retains maximum loft in damp conditions.

Unique ThermoTrap Baffle construction locks down into smaller chambers for less down migration, even loft height and more consistent warmth.

Comfort mummy cut efficiently maximizes warmth and minimizes weight without constriction

Down-filled face fasket comfortably blocks drafts at the hood opening

Insulated draft tube with anti-snag panel prevents cold spots along zipper

Single-handed draw cords easily adjust hood closure


~Kelly Wald is an ultra runner in Barrie, Ontario.

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