Shoe Review: Inov-8 X-Talon 212


Extreme terrain? Snow? Mud?

The X-TALON™ 212 is built like a beast to handle whatever a trail throws at you. A fair number of trail shoes are built from road shoe designs and then given a slightly more grippy outsole. The X-Talon feels like it was born for the roughest, wettest, snowy icy terrain nature can throw. The main feature of the shoe is the outsole and the large grippy lugs. I tested them on snowy winter trails with some ice, as well as some pavement to get to the trail. The shoe handled superbly on the snowy and icy trails; however the pavement was a different story. The large lugs make for some slightly awkward running, but some runners may actually like the effect, which is a bit of a bouncing effect as the lugs depress on the impact and give a bit of a rebound on the release of the foot from the ground.

The uppers are very comfortable with standard lacing. The colours and design of the shoe are bold, matching the bold/aggressive outsole.

The X-TALON 212 shoe in my opinion is a shoe for the trail purest or snowy/icy paved trails. The shoe is not ideal for mixed paved/trail terrin for the reasons mentioned above. It’s the perfect shoe for certain winter and rugged trail conditions; however it’s likely not going to be your only shoe. Look for this shoe if you are focusing on rugged terrain, wet/snowy/icy trails and don’t have a lot of distance on paved trails before he hit the trails.

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