Altra Lone Peak 3.0


The Altra Lone Peak 3.0 is the 2016/2017 update on the 2.5 from seasons prior. Having now run in both shoes in a variety of conditions on dry trail, rivers and winter with snow-covered trails, we were able to put forward our verdict via a review comparing the two models and the upgrades made.


Maintaining the goal of being a moderate cushion shoe with relatively aggressive tread pattern suitable for medium to more technical running, the 3.0 has lived up to its reputation in comparison to its pretty solid predecessor the 2.5. With great grip on technical trails and snow it performed as expected, pretty well and trust-worthy with well thought-out lugs and rubber with its Altra MaxTrac Sticky Rubber with TrailClaw™ for great traction yet not so aggressive and large they can still feel tender to some well groomed trails.

The Ride

Lighter than the 2.5, which weighed in at a little more than 11 ounces compared to the 3.0 now weighing in at around 10 ounces in the size we tested, this is already a more efficient shoe over longer distances.

Remember that this is a zero-offset or shoe with zero differential so take this into account when trying it out, which can only be a positive addition to your running arsenal, provided you follow the transition guidelines found on their website.

Being a moderate cushion shoe with a stack height of 25mm this is still a great tool for going long and loading volume but light and efficient enough to blast through the shorter stuff. Having said that this is still not an all out racing shoe and aimed at higher mileage. The longest run we did in the 3.0 was 30KM’s while the longest run in the 2.5’s was around 60KM’s, so heading out on a few more runs getting longer as the summer approaches, means time will tell how it performs but judging on how it stacked up on the 30KM runs with no cause for concern, has limited any doubt about running 60KM’s plus in the shoe.

Though this is a relatively well cushioned shoe it still offers some rigidity to give feedback off the ground when striking and pushing off, rather than too squishy with no response as can be the case with higher cushion or stack shoes. It’s a pretty responsive shoe with cushion that still allows your feet to tell your brain that the surface is constantly changing underneath you.


The Fit

The 2.5 felt wider in the toe-box, not that the 3.0 seems narrow now, I just have the feeling its got a slightly-more-snug fit, yet still offering the generous room in the front that Altra is known for with their FootShape™ Toe Box.

The foot sits well in the heel-cup to provide great stability over the technical trails and when climbing there is no feeling of any heel-slip or lifting out the shoe.

The shoe feels lighter than the old model due to it reduced size. While wondering if that’s just a placebo effect knowing that its a lighter-weight shoe now or not, it feels super efficient while still offering room in front and snug at the back to offer a feeling of security over the technical bits.


The Upper

Even though it seems the upper has been improved and made lighter to take out some overall weight from the shoe, it looks and feels more heavy-duty than the old upper. I know that the old upper was pretty much bullet-proof but this upper gives the impression its quite tough and will last the test of time and push out the lifespan of the shoe.



The 2.5 got a good working over and took a beating while lasting pretty long at about 300 Miles to be exact. Not bad for somebody pretty hard on shoes. With all of the above notes and mentions about improving what was already a good shoe, sometimes one wonders if the durability has been sacrificed and will be up to standard. Based on this pair and a couple others I have seen tested, I am confident the new 3.0 will be a shoe that gets you the mileage and value for money.

For more on this shoe check out Altra Running

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