“Brothers” – Film Review

Film: Brothers

Director: Paul Nelson

Running Time: 30 Min

Released: Late 2016



The film features the Puzey brothers, Jacob and Tommy taking part in the 2015, 6 Day, 120 Mile TransRockies Run in Colorado. The film features parts of this great event but more importantly highlights so much more and delves into their bond as family, relying on that strong relationship to lean on and support one another in the face of adversity, not only in the sport they live and breath but in their daily lives.

The film is very much an advertisement for their true professionalism and ambassadorship not only to their sport and supporters but their families. These two guys are what I would call stand-up citizens, truly humble hardworking human-beings who believe in the old values of work hard, be a good person and the universe will be fair to you.

The fact that they scream athletic ability, intellect and a calm character yet quietly tough, resilient and competitive seems to be going a long way to attribute to their success so far.

The film is well edited with great trail running shots on a variety of trails around Colorado, Arizona and Oregon. The story is an easy one to listen to as each brother has an interesting approach and view to their running, relationship and values. The great shots which make it easy to watch shows that a great deal of time and effort was spent by Director Paul Nelson and his crew to achieve some truly great cinema that showcases the sport.

We encourage you to enjoy this short film by attending a screening.

The film is currently only available to view in it’s entirety at organized screenings.  If people would like to organize a screening of Brothers in their area as a fundraiser for a local running or outdoor organization Jacob or Tommy can be contacted via their Face Book Page – @brotherspuzey

Jake and Tommy plan to make the film available for purchase or rental online once the screening season has passed.  

Watch Trailer

Trail Running Canada is hosting a Calgary screening after our Beard Run, supporting Mental Health Week

Wednesday May 3rd 2017.

Details and Registration

Just $20!

5 Mile Run, Swag and Screenings

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