Trail Running Canada is dedicated to promoting Canadian trail and ultra running. Trail Running Canada is produced by a collaboration of trail runners and event organizers from across Canada. It was started in 2008 and has seen growing popularity ever since. In addition to our website, our Facebook page and Facebook group are prominent online source for Canadian trail and ultra running news. Contributors are located across the country and cover all running abilities. A special focus of Trail Running Canada is telling the amazing stories of Canada’s trail runners. If you have a story to tell or would like a product reviewed, email us on run@trailrunner.ca. We would love to hear from you.

The Team

Jonathan Schmidt, Founder

Jonathan-CouleeCactus_0753Trail Running Canada was started by Jonathan Schmidt in 2008. After surviving the 2007 TransRockies Run, Jonathan decided there was a need for more resources on trail running in Canada. After all, Canada has some of the best places in the world to go trail running. Since his immersion into trail running at TransRockies, Jonathan has finished numerous trail races in Alberta and British Columbia, including Powderface42, Lost Soul Ultra 50k, Heiko’s Half, Trailstoke, IronLegs 60k and Coulee Cactus. Jonathan is a two-time runner up at the Lost Soul 50k, three-time winner of Coulee Cactus and top 5 finisher at Powderface42.


Nick Jendzjowsky, Gear Reviewer

Long time cyclist turned trail runner, Nick has started to immerse himself in the trail running community.  Although new to the sport, he has entrenched himself in the sport and is becoming part of the trail community.  He heads to the mountains west of Calgary as much as he can.  You can reach him on twitter: @jendo_1982 or instagram: jendo82 and read his exploites at: https://perogypower.wordpress.com/